A pathbreaking leap forward in Image and Data Processing Systems.

Pictel AI helps industry leaders implement robust solutions for their visual data processing needs. The unprecedented accuracy offered by Pictel allows for automation in fields that rely on highly skilled Human resource. 

Pictel AI’s services have been extensively implemented in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors and have saved millions of dollars in man-hours and in processing time. 

The tried and tested AI/ML application is now expanding to displace the problem of visual data processing in industries ranging from Automotive and Mining to Safety and Defence systems.

Who is it for?

Pictel AI is a disruptive AI/ML based technology. It reduces costs and increases efficiency in visual data processing by removing the reliance on highly skilled analysts. Since the code is self improving; the rate of error is mitigated and data is provided at a significantly shorter timeline.

Pictel AI is hyper adaptive and has applications in a variety of tasks. It is currently capable of processing visual data on a microscopic level – Cancer cell detection, mineral composition of soil samples, Particulate density in mining and drilling activities etc.
It is also capable of processing video footage taken at scale aiding in face/object detection, topographical surveys for arable land, contact free retail experiences and many more.
The data processing is instantaneously proven by Pictel AI’s application in military applications with missile guiding systems.

No matter what the scale or industry, Pictel AI is a singular solution for your visual data processing.

Industries we transform


PHARMACEUTICALS: verifies that molecule distribution is as per the requirement of the medication.

CHROMOSOME TRACKING: detects developmental disorders in the prenatal stage. An effective preventive measure to inform on hereditary diseases on a genetic scale

RETINA IMAGE ALIGNMENT: offering corrective data to improve success rates of lasik corrective surgeries. Also helps detect diseases such as diabetes in its early stages

CANCER CELL DETECTION: Identifies Sickle cell anomalies to facilitate early detection and Diagnostic testing

Defence & Security systems

SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS: Allows automated monitoring of threats in sensitive and high risk areas. Allows for surveillance in civilian as well as military settings. Active threat monitoring systems play a huge role in ensuring security both by object tracking as well as perimeter security by recognising threats. It has found applications in Airports, military bases and govt offices

MISSILE TARGETING SYSTEMS: offers accurate targeting, rerouting and adaptive engagement of targets


Pictel AI is set to revolutionize the 1.71 billion dollar global fashion sector. Providing the next step in quick shopping, our technology allows users to get accurate measurements in a single click. This is set to make the online purchase process significantly smoother.

Drilling & Mining

Particle identification of trace materials in composite layers to determine progress and enable precision mining for petrochemical, rare earth metals and precious gems


ROAD AND DRIVER MONITORING: With an easy to install closed loop system Pictel can ensure driver fitness and safety for highly sensitive cargo. It can regulate serious issues such as drunk and sleep deprived driving as well as curtail rash driving by long haul drivers. Commercial applications of this will save countless lives that are at risk due to negligence. A driver fitness score will revolutionize the $20,000 Million unregulated industry in India alone.

Topographical Study

Topographical surveys are vital for governments and companies. It provides vital data that is used to shape policy as well as undertake mining and urbanization projects. Majority of surveys are conducted with human intervention and require significant time and resources to accomplish. Pictel AI simplifies the process for topographical surveys to drone footage of the required area being processed instantaneously. This provides error free data in real time.


Pictel AI works seamlessly with pre-existing MRI software and allows for instantaneous recognition of malignant cells. This significantly reduces the human error element and is set to save multiple lives by providing timely treatment via diagnostics


The 399 billion+ dollar Indian agriculture segment still relies on traditional methods of farming and rarely utilizes modern methods of monitoring and data collection. Pictel AI is working with Agro-tech companies to provide efficient monitoring of the production and quality control segments in the agricultural process.


We are proud to be a smart solution for law enforcement agencies to adopt cutting edge of technology and aid in accurate analysis. Visual data from crime scenes can be collected and the database can be made accessible at a nationwide scale for timely pattern and suspect recognition. This is applicable for fingerprint, DNA and fiber analysis.

Why Pictel Ai?

Pictel AI allows for optimized data solutions with minimal setup cost. Any image/video based input can be instantaneously processed to produce error free data, vastly saving time and reducing human resource costs.
It is capable of processing data from all Visual mediums and does not require specialized equipment to record data. As a one time self improving system Pictel AI offers long term cost and time benefits to all industries.

Driven by constant innovation, Pictel AI is creating order in an order-less world.


Pictel AI has a steep learning curve and promises a significantly improved error rate with next to no false positivess


The Pictel AI system is hyper adaptable and can be implimented in a pre-existing system with ease. The AI can be trained to intake specific data points and the system is versatile enough to process multiple forms of data across parameters

Data Driven

Visual data collection allows for a new paradigm in Data depth

Time Saving

The incorporation of an AI vastly reduces processing and computational lag. The results are made available in an appropriate format in real time, improving efficiency and allowing for timely intervention


3D image mapping AI can produce highly detailed and photorealistic models, allowing stakeholders to better visualize and understand complex systems and environments.

Self Improving

Self learning and constantly Pattern recognition and
• Process visual data to produce measurable results
• High accuracy with a declining rate of error
• Hyper Adaptable to various processes
• Multiple application across industries
• Reduces time and human resource costs
• Pictel AI delivers data driven solutions to previously inaccessible data generation points.
• Ability to be incorporated into pre-existing systems

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