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Pictel AI is the brainchild of Sandeep Kulkarni and Sagar Deshmukh. Both Sandeep and Sagar have been in the data solutions sector for more than a decade each. Forseeing the increase in efficiency driven industrial processing – the duo moved into the AI/ML driven image processing sector. Visual data processing is the biggest hurdle for automation in business. Pictel AI’s revolutionary self-improving technology allows for the most complex of tasks to be augmented with the accuracy of machine learning.

Pictel AI has built robust solutions in the defense, medical and petro-chemical fields. With an aim to aid businesses all over the world ease their work with AI integrated systems, Pictel AI is ready to create a custom built setup for your business too.

Contemporary data monitoring and processing systems are reliant on human intervention and expensive specialized equipment, both of which incur significant cost. This added with a high propensity for error leads to a slow and inefficient system. 

While automation has made marked differences in the manufacturing sector, the visual data processing sector has proven to be a significant challenge. 


Pictel AI allows for optimized data solutions with minimal setup cost. Any image/video based input can be instantaneously processed to produce error free data, vastly saving time and reducing human resource costs. 

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